Nature tourism in the Garrotxa

Mas-Ombravella-in-full-natura-a-la-Garrotxa-01The farm Mas Ombravella is located between the Plain Mieres and saw windows full Garrotxa, This situation involves two parts. The eastern sector is generally quite flat and is home to the farm, the pastures and main roads; The abrupt change is in the west and consists of forest dominated by oak. There are also oak in areas cooler and wetter.

Farm-in-the-natura-a-la-Garrotxa-01Other species that can be found on the farm are the elm, the Freixe, Aspen, l'avellaner, the castanyer, beech, l´arboç, pi blanc, el pi Roig, the banana, el Vern …

The most important mammals that can be found on the farm are wild boar, the fox, the Cabirol, genet, badger, the fagina, Hare, rabbit and wood mouse.

Natura-a-Mas-Ombravella-Garrotxa-02Among birds the robin, chaffinch, La Tortora, thrush, la mallarenga, Aligot, the short-toed eagle, the falcó pelegrí, Owl and gamerús.

As for amphibians and reptiles lizard wall lizard comúla, the serp green, the viper, Toad, other.


Our intention is to use the, improvement and recovery of pasture (long abandoned) will have a positive effect on biodiversity of the estate because there are many plant and animal species that can not live in the forest closed but open environments need to be developed. It will also be beneficial to improve fire prevention.

Mas Ombravella, Nature tourism is a small operation consisting 7 cabres, 8 Sheep, 1 pony, 2 Donkeys, 1 cavall, 3 mares.