Hiking to the Mas Ombravella Mieres , Garrotxa

Every season is perfect to enjoy our walks surrounded.

From Mas Ombravella one of the tracks can be healthy Mieres.

Another trip would climb the Rock the South

We leave home and go to Windows, and visit the Sanctuary, Lady of Garrotxa and the ruins of the Iberian settlement.

Go to the Casica Obrador and the climb to the Dark Fajeda, St. Paul address

Depending on the season in these trips you can discover many surprises. Changes of fall color to you boscos.Trobar forest dwellers, boars, Badgers, roe, salamanders is not difficult.

And the discovery of mushrooms in autumn: Escarlet, camagrocs, rossinyols, llenegues, fridolics, Beef languages, Partridge feet… and spring, les apreciades múrgules, are bringing cheers.

And all this from home without taking the car!

The assosiació "Friends of the Sierra Windows”, Some outings weekend of each month, are very interesting.