The Poble de Mieres

Sant-Pere,-Mieres-la-Garrotxa-Tourism and Nature-Mas-Ombravella

Mieres, the great unknown of the Garrotxa

Mieres part of the region of Garrotxa, Girona.

The municipality has an area of 26,07 km2 and the town is 286 m. altitude.

The limits of the municipality are to the north with San Ferriol, to the east by San Miguel Campmajor, the south of Sant Aniol Windows and iris Llémena and west Santa Pau.
Heather has added cores, The Samuntà Low, Top of the Samuntà and Ruïtlles.

Mieres is surrounded to the south-east of the mountains and Windows Rocacorba and saws and Trentinyà Portelles.

The gully Mieres, also known as Merdançà, born in the valley Mieres and flows into the river Tort.