Garden Mas Ombravella

Garden Mas Ombravella, Touring the nature of Mieres 02Nature tourism and organic garden

A Mas Ombravella, Nature tourism of Mieres, between cottage and pool, There is a piece of land that have been dedicated to the garden. It is an enclosure to keep out feral and end with whole crop. The orchard Mas Ombravella, nature tourism we begin to prepare around March. During the winter we have left the land rest, We have been pulling our animal manure collected, because in the spring we can start plowing. Plant tomatoes, peppers,enciams, cogombres, carbassons,mongetes, Pumpkins, corn, gira-sols, albergínies… There are also an area for herbs. Everything grows naturally in the fertile soil of the Garrotxa, sun and water, and in no time we put all chemical. It's a job, when you see recompesada products, but also very exposed to inclement weather

Garden Mas Ombravella, Touring the nature of Mieres 01


Anyone who wants to can participate in the orchard But Ombravella turisme of natura and if you want help, because there are always herbs that remove, water, dig something or just try the products that are bonísssims.