Horseback Riding

Horseback-riding-in-a-house-in-Mieres ombravella-it-Garrotxa

Horseback-riding-in-a-house-in-Mieres ombravella-it-Garrotxa

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Horseback riding in the Garrotxa

Horseback riding are Mas Falgàs (we do not), i es contracten a part

If this is the first time you get on horse already mastered the art of riding, you can enjoy all our mountain adventure, exploring the beautiful scenery of the Garrotxa.

These short-term, for unskilled riders around the village,

These long-term, for riders who already mastered the art of riding. You can take the following routes:

Mieres - Besalu - Besalu - Mieres (Walking through beautiful landscapes and streams)

Mieres- Santa Pau – Santa Pau – Mieres (Amid the mountains and nature)

Mieres - Sant Miquel - Sant Miquel - Mieres (Gorge roca)

Mieres - Windows – Windows - Mieres (Views of the Garrotxa Plan the lake from the highest point of Mieres)