But Uncle Christmas Ombravella house Garrotxa

In search of Christmas piñata

But Uncle Christmas Ombravella

But Uncle Christmas Ombravella . This long weekend of the Immaculate Bridge house Mas Ombravella apartments in the Garrotxa we could live the experience of going to hunt ment Christmas.

The morning was very busy and after the usual visit to our farm to feed the goats. Dogs, Ducks, cavalls, aces, sheep, pigs, turkey, chickens, Donkeys, ….. We could start out by different paths of our great land and from roads and paths go in search of logs each hosted by families.

While it was a trip full of uncertainty where we find the logs to decorate them later was after we returned we were expecting the same farm where after the selection by the little ones have started Your dressing .

Temperes, papers de colors, watercolor·the, cola, Brushes, scissors, rules, a large assortment to decorate the trophy both large and small wanted, all while Joseph made legs for all with cabbage·the largest operation.

A fantastic morning where only necessary when they arrive at their new homes atypia inside and shit can force this Christmas.

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